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  • August 2023 - House Bill 23-1105 HOA Task Force

    On May 24, 2023, Governor Polis signed House Bill 23-1105 into law, which, among other actions, creates the HOA Homeowners Rights Task Force (“Task Force”). The purpose of the Task Force is to examine issues confronting HOA homeowners’ rights, review HOA homeowners’ complaints, and examine current Colorado HOA law in comparison to laws from other jurisdictions. The Task Force will determine areas of focus for the General Assembly to consider as part of the 2024 legislative session.

    The Colorado Division of Real Estate has created a website for the Task Force, including an application for those interested in serving on the Task Force: https://dre.colorado.gov/division-notifications/house-bill-23-1105-task-forces-to-examine-issues-affecting-homeowners-rights.
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